Thoughts on Maritime DevCon

I attended to Maritime DevCon last Saturday: a conference for developers, by developers. Somehow, I think this was the first developer oriented conference that I attended - and it was great!

The quality of the talks were all above my expectations. I learned something new at every one of them. I leaned towards the operations, distributed systems and microservices oriented talks as this seems to be a trend as of late.

Something that really resonated with me were some of the opening words.

We are the developer community. You are the developer community.

Every talk I went to were from developers sharing what they worked on in the last year. This is my call for everyone to participate in their local user groups and meetups.

The collisions created by getting a bunch of developers in a room was reinvigorating. I’m sure that everyone learned something and will be better off for it.

This being a local conference, it was also fun to see what other developers in the region are working on and thinking about.


Thanks to the organizers, speakers, sponsors and everyone else involved for making an event like this happen in our region.

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