Vincent is a polyglot developer with 10+ years of experience. Throughout his career he has always had a passion for automation whether personal or in support of other developers on the team. He also strives to write maintainable and testable code.


  • Senior Software Engineer

     —    3 years

    Akiri is the world's first network-as-a-service optimized for healthcare. An early engineer on the Akiri team, Vincent played an important role in the design and architecture of the product while always keeping security and HIPAA compliance top of mind.

    • Lead development of internal tooling, introduced Infrastructure as Code practices using Terraform
    • Designed and developed a [flexible] fine-grained access control system with support for ABAC (attribute-based access control). Given the importance of this component, testing was at the forefront of the implementation of this service
    • Implemented a secure runtime sandbox based on AWS Fargate to execute containers that may contain arbitrary code
    • Deployed a private certificate authority using Vault's PKI engine
    • Technologies used include Kotlin, Python, Kubernetes, Docker, Terraform, AWS, InfluxDB, Grafana, Vert.x, jOOQ and PostgreSQL
  • Software Principal Engineer

     —    a year

    Participated in the development of a new stream data processing platform. On this project, Vincent played a key role in the design and architecture of the platform.

    • Helped architect and develop a big data platform that built upon DC/OS, Mesos and Flink
    • Worked on various backend components in a microservice architecture: Kotlin, Python, Go and Node.js
    • Continued previous efforts of maintaining Slack bot to ease development. Fun fact: as our team got moved to this new project, the only thing we brought along was Jarvis
  • Software Senior EngineerEMC Corporation

     —    a year

    Developer on turnkey OpenStack based private cloud. During this time Vincent worked on many of the micro-services backend and initiated projects to improve the efficiently of developers.

    • Worked on various backend components in a microservice architecture: Java, Python, Go and Node.js. Supported installation and upgrade features using Ansible and Docker.
    • Created Jarvis, a Slack bot, to automate the creation of developer workspaces via Jenkins
    • Initiated virtualization project that increased hardware utilization by 5x allowing for more developer workspaces
    • Assisted in troubleshooting many of the more esoteric problems
    • Mentored junior developers and performed extensive code reviews
  • Full Stack Engineer

     —    4 years

    Clarity is a platform that helps to connect entrepreneurs together to provide startup advice. Vincent was a full stack engineer involved in all aspects of the development lifecycle

    • Developed a single page application that provided a seamless web and mobile experience
    • Developed backend API with Ruby on Rails and Sidekiq
    • Assisted in product development, roadmap planification and customer support
    • Responsible for deployment, server administration and performance of the site
    • Supported many third party integrations: Twilio, Stripe, SendGrid and more
  • Software EngineerLymbix

     —    8 months

    While at Lymbix, Vincent developed a browser extension that integrated ToneCheck into Gmail

    • Developed a browser extension for Gmail that worked on Chrome, Firefox and Safari
    • Wrote framework and build tools in support of building a single extension for multiple browsers from a single codebase
    • Developed a topic classifier using Python NLTK
  • Software Developer

     —    3 years

    Vincent was the solo developer of a Lead Trading Platform built with Ruby (Ramaze) and MySQL.

    • Worked directly with the client to support all of their web based business
    • Automated many manual processes performed by other employees
    • Server administration: Linux, Apache, MySQL


  • Volunteer

     —    9 years

    As a volunteer co-organizer of the Moncton Developer User Group, I am responsible for hosting of the website as well as recruiting speakers.


  • Programming applied for the Internet

     —    2 years

    New Brunswick Community College

    • Recipient of the Governor General's Academic Medal